Sunday, April 23, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Congratulations to Sarah for her call to the Santiago Chile North mission!  She will be leaving September 4.  We’re really excited for her and know that she will have a wonderful experience.  Sterling will definitely be coming home July 17, so their family will be together for a little while, at least.

We’re looking forward to the get-together at Nora’s this afternoon at 2:30.  It looks like it has turned into a Super Sunday, so Donna will be in charge the last Sunday of May.  Anyway, Vanessa will be showing her scenes from Tibet on Nora’s big screen downstairs, and she’ll narrate a travelogue too.  We’ll all wish we could go to Nepal!  Vanessa told me she has wanted to go ever since cousin Marla used to talk about hiking in the Himalayas with her Sherpa guides. We’ll probably see pictures of Vanessa’s Sherpa guides.  Anyway, be there or be square, today at 2:30.

Another change is that Ben’s farewell has been changed from May 14 to May 21.  That way it won’t fall on Mothers Day.  So that means we’ll be having book club on the 14th.  We’re reading Socks by Beverly Cleary, and it’s short and fun.  I’ve read it a couple of time already, but I’ll be going through it one more time to find some good questions to ask.  Naturally I’ll be throwing out some kind of candy–something connected with cats.  Our book clubs have sure been fun!  We all enjoyed Donna’s Navajo fry bread last week.  Our kitchen smelled like a hogan for a couple of days after that.

Our snow has nearly all melted.  Most days are pretty cold, and it snows now and then, but not the kind that sticks on the ground.  The cats are enjoying the taste of spring and they feel adventurous.  Scout has been out scouting for mice, and Sonia is hoping to find some small grasshoppers, but she’ll have to wait a while.  Meanwhile, she takes care of the spiders and flies that get into the house.  

I hope to see most of you this afternoon!  Lots of love, Mom