Sunday, April 30, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Jacob is home again!  He injured his back in Alabama, helping somebody move a refrigerator, and they’ve tried the cheap and easy stuff already.  Now the Church has sent him home so John’s insurance can pay for the more expensive treatments.  Jacob has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and he’ll be having a MRI.  John doesn’t know if he’ll need surgery or not.  I’ll keep you posted.  

And Scout has gone missing!  We’re absolutely devastated.  He was such a fine cat, even though he was an outside fellow.  We haven’t seen him since Monday morning, so we’ve pretty well given up hope.  It’s the same time of year that Oreo went missing all those years ago, the time when foxes and other predators are out stretching their legs and looking for fresh meat.  There are also great horned owls and hawks, both with 4' wingspans.  I was down at the Rock Cliff nature center yesterday, reading how those birds prey on skunks.  If they could pick up a skunk, they could grab Scout, even though he is (or was) pretty hefty.  Anyway, we still have a tiny bit of hope that he might come back, but it isn’t looking good.

Our next family event is book club on the 14th, Mothers Day.  We’re reading Socks by Beverly Cleary.  I’ll be in charge of the discussion, and I already have some good questions ready.  Here’s a preview question: “When Socks was being sold, how much did the kittens cost?”

There, now everybody will know the answer to at least one question.  

Then, the Sunday after that, May 21, will be Ben’s farewell.  I think the meeting starts at noon.  I’ll have more information when it gets closer.  The afterparty will be at Nora’s, of course.  We’ve sure been meeting there are lot lately!  What a great party house Nora has!  By the way, for those of you who missed seeing Vanessa’s pictures of Nepal, it was quite a show!  I have lots of admiration for Vanessa and her toughness, being able to hike at 17,000 feet.  I asked her if she would consider going back there, and she said she might.  Go, Vanessa!

One more event for May will be Super Sunday on May 28 at Donna’s.  (We’re skipping today because of the get-together last week.)  When it gets closer Donna can tell us where we’re going to meet.  It should be nice weather by then.  Maybe we can go back to that great park in Midway where we’ve met before.  

So many events!  So much fun!  I love you all!  Mom