Sunday, April 9, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Happy Easter, everyone!  This is certainly the most important holiday for Christians across the world.  Nothing ever happened that was more important than the atonement, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I’ve always known that, but the older I get, the more important it gets. The eggs and bunnies and new clothes are fun, but Jesus is at the center of it all.

We’ll be celebrating at Nora’s this afternoon.  We’ll start at 3 pm.  Nora’s family has been in California all week, so she’s really brave to be taking this on.  Thanks, Nora!  I called her yesterday morning while they were on the road, somewhere near Barstow, and she said it’s all taken care of.  Allen bought the ham and put it in her refrigerator.  Tom and Kim are doing the cheesy potatoes.  Donna’s bringing dessert.  Everybody’s bringing Easter candy, and the older girls will play Easter bunny in the park across the street.

There was one day last week, Tuesday, I think, where nearly everybody was off somewhere for spring break.  Vanessa was in Katmandu.  Nora’s family was in California.  Tom and Kim were in St. George, and Donna’s family was driving home from Zions.  Sharon’s family was in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where none of them had been before.  I’m sure some of the rest of you were traveling, too, except for John’s family.  They all stayed home, according to John, to save up for their new roof.  (I’m pretty sure that decision wasn’t made by a majority vote.)  Dad and I, of course, were at home.  Our big excitement was having our new dryer delivered on Wednesday.  We had to pay nearly double to get the kind of lint trap I wanted, but it would have bugged me nearly every day to have that kind where you have to pull out the trap.  Anyway, I’m really thrilled to have a dryer that works and doesn’t make strange noises.  

Book club will be next Sunday, here at our house, at 5 pm.  I hope you’re most of the way through The Indian in the Cupboard.  It’s one of my all-time favorite books, and I’m planning to read it one more time this week.  I love that Indian.  He has a ton of attitude.

Super Sunday will be April 30.  Donna’s in charge, and I’m not sure where we’ll have it.  I’ll let you know when it gets closer.

There’s no stoppin’ the fun!  I love you all!  Mom